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Ekrcoaster joined YouTube on June 2nd, 2016. His channel is Family Friendly. 2 videos show Blood and human parts, which makes it exciting since it is what happened in Five Night's At Freddy's, Sister Location.

Here are the videos just in case.: They'll Keep You Running & Now Hiring At Freddy's.


His name is Ethan, and he uses Blender to animate Minecraft videos, with FNaF & BaTIM songs. (Five Nights At Freddy's & Bendy and the Ink Machine.) VSDC to edit the videos, and Audacity to edit the audio. He also owns a Discord server, Twitter account, and a Planet Minecraft account. He has 77k+ Subscribers and 22M+ Views. He has a 2nd channel called "The E"

In my opinion, he is the best Minecraft animator EVER! Go ahead and subscribe, and leave click the bell to get Notified!


-By Libra

-Photo added by Ekrcoaster himself! C:

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